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By default WinForms applications are declared as DPI Unaware. Declaring the application in which the Windows Forms Report Viewer is used as DPI aware application would resolve the issues. Solution. The recommended approach is setting dpiAware element in your application to avoid further scaling, visual or interaction issues. To do so, you have ...

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The dpi_group and dpi_mode config.txt parameters are used to set either predetermined modes (DMT or CEA modes as used by HDMI) or a user can generate custom modes. To generate a custom DPI mode, start here. If you set up a custom DPI mode, then in config.txt use: dpi_group=2 dpi_mode=87

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Dec 21, 2018 · On the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and click the Change High DPI Settings button. On the next window that opens, enable the ‘High DPI scaling override’ option, and select System from the dropdown under it. This will exclude the app from the system’s i.e., Windows 10’s DPI scaling. Click OK, and then Apply. The DPI setting is supposed to affect only the sizes of fonts specified in physical units: 'pt', 'in', 'mm', 'cm', and 'pc'. It doesn't affect the default font size, or fonts specified in 'px' (or 'em' or '%', when based on something not affected). At work, I have DPI set to 100%, so all works correctly there regardless, but when I connect from home to my server, the 125% DPI scaling is also sent to the server, and as such, my server environment now has less usable pixels, because things become much larger. 125% larger to be exact. Scaling down of all graphics during Desktop Window Manager (DWM) composition. When the application is running on a high-DPI display that happens to be multiple of 100% scaling (96 DPI), then no DWM scaling is used. Vector graphics and text will look crisp. Bitmaps and other static resources (icons, toolbars) will be stretched to match the ...

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DPI Scaling (CTP) Topic Overview Purpose This topic catalogs Ultimate UI for Windows Forms controls that now support DPI Scaling. In this topic This topic... North American Sales: 1-800-231-8588 Use case: Operating System Scaling (also known as DPI scaling) OS scaling is the default and is identical in behavior to previous receiver versions. This corresponds to the UI setting “Let the operating system scale the resolution”, or the High DPI policy set to disabled. This lets Windows handle all DPI scaling.